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Sample Projects

Technology & Innovation

Sample: Program managed the implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) at various Global financial institutions on behalf of a "fintech" startup . 

Program Results: Established foundation for real time global cross border payments through the establishment of a legal framework, functional standards and production ready implementations at participating financial institutions.

Transformations & Change Management

Sample: Led organizational transformation initiative to restructure core operating model for the securities business of a global financial Institution.


Program Results:  Minimal client disruption, maintained operational risk thresholds throughout transition, achieved cost and efficiency targets set for the program within the allotted time frame set forth for the program. 

Risk and Regulatory Compliance


Sample: Led initiative to implement regulatory and compliance frame work for the clearing business of global transaction bank.


Program Results: Remediated gaps identified by internal compliance via the establishment of a new controls framework. Achieved compliance sign off and approval for ongoing operations.

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